The Agencies

Below are the six Agencies of the digital-platform.

1. The Index: This branch is comprised of three separate, but interrelated components:

(a.) - The Stack registers the most pressing issues and concerns of the membership as a collated and ever-changing, ranked-stack listing of priorities that are drawn from each of the individual members personal inventory. The ranked listing includes several indicators associated with each priority posted in order to inform the membership as to the importance or weight of the item listed.

(b.) - The Mind Map is a tool for identifying, describing, and portraying the various related aspects of each priority listed on The Stack. Each listing can have one or more maps related to it and its map(s) is intended to be a dynamic and ever evolving impression of the current state of the priority it represents.

(c.) - The Sim further delineates the information outlined on The Stack and The Mind Map by implementing various 3D instruments that can be used for visualizing the details of issues and concerns described by the members in the above components, as well as their proposed solutions.

2. The Template: This agency facilitates the development of proposals by providing an inventory of boilerplate forms for the different types of proposals a member (or group of members) will be able to use in order to construct their proposal. You can access the Proposal Forms here.

3. The Forum: The Forum is public square for Discourse, Dialogue, and Deliberation.

(a.) - Discourse is the platform for public discussion about anything related to or the community in which it resides.

(b.) - Dialogue is the prefatory setting for discussing proposals that have not yet been fully developed. Owner(s) can preliminarily post their proposals here in order to gauge membership interest and to gather support through collaboration.

(c.) - Deliberation is the division of The Forum where completed proposals are submitted in order to gain constructive feedback, recognition, and any amendments a proposal might need in order to obtain the necessary votes to pass at the next agency, The Ballot.

4. The Ballot:  Following completion of its allotted time at the Deliberation division of The Forum, owners of a proposal can move it to The Ballot if they feel it has the requisite support to pass by popular vote. If a proposals passes at The Ballot it can then become active, or move to The Foundation for financial support if it includes a budget that needs to be funded.

5. The Foundation:  If a proposal has in its budget a request for financial assistance it will automatically move to the Foundation following its passage at The Ballot. The Auditor of the Foundation has two mechanisms for funding a proposal. It can be funded either through the sale of Security Tokens backed by the stated value of the proposal to would be investors, it can be issued a grant from The Foundation, or funding can be comprised of a measure of both of the above. The Auditor will at first present a preliminary inquiry to gauge the number of members interested in investing in the project through the purchase of security tokens and the number of tokens these potential investors are willing to purchase. If the proposal can be funded through the sale of tokens, a Security Token Offering (STO) in the amount of the proposals budget will proceed and the proposal will become active. If the number of tokens potentially purchased for the proposal does not cover the proposals budget, the Auditor can propose to the Co-op membership the issuance of a grant by the Foundation in the amount of the difference. If the Auditors proposal is accepted by the membership, the owners proposal will receive the monies sought and the proposal will become active.

6. Admin:  Admin is the administrative branch of the digital-platform. This branch includes the Co-op Board of Directors; a Gatekeeper for the Template, the Forum, and the Ballot; the Auditor for the Foundation; an Engineer to keep the platform maintained and running smoothly; and a Magistrate to maintain with online netiquette as well as official policy.

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