We will own everything.  We will be prosperous.  The world will be at peace.

  As together we choose, together it will be.

The Admin Staff

Below are the staff of the we-the-people.earth digital-platform.

The Gatekeeper - The Gatekeeper is responsible for regulating the welfare, reputation, and productivity of  we-the-people.earth (as much as is possible) through the use of the Q/V% tool. He or she must make several determinations regarding each proposal seeking access to The Ballot of the digital-platform.

Gatekeepers are constrained by policy in their calculation through the directives listed below and must indicate a tally between of -5 and +5, (with 0 being neutral - no inherent risk or value) for each of these directives. Each directive will be considered by the Gatekeeper in order to determine the overall Q/V% for each proposal submitted. Their consideration is the following:

If this proposal were to be accepted by the we-the-people.earth membership

and were to become active:

- What is the potential risk to the financial well-being of the Corporation?

- What is the potential risk to the reputation of the Corporation and its stature

in the community at-large?

- How well does the proposal align with the Mission and Priorities of the Corporation?

- How complete and accurate is the proposal?

- What is the proposal's potential value to the economic welfare of the Corporation?

- What is the proposal's potential value to the cultural welfare of the Corporation?

- What is the proposal's potential value to the wise governance of the Corporation?

- What is the proposal's potential value to the welfare and well-being

of the community at-large?

The Gatekeeper must record the results of his or her determination in detail and present them with the proposal when it enters The Forum for Deliberation and again when entering The Ballot for a vote. The owner(s) of the proposal may contest the Q/V% attached to their proposal if they feel it is unfair at which point the determination will go to a vote by the BOD of the Corporation.

The Auditor - The Auditor of the Foundation is responsible for oversight of the organization's accounting ledgers at the Foundation and is tasked with arranging the Investment Queries that provide information to the owners of proposals about the membership's interest in funding their projects. This person (or team) also oversees the development of smart contracts that are tied to the various projects of the organization.

The Engineer - The Engineer manages the web-platform of we-the-people.earth making sure the agencies run smoothly and that the digital infrastructure is well maintained. Any Structural Proposal that passes is likely to involve the Engineer some reconfiguring of the digital-platform.

The Magistrate - The Magistrate oversees we-the-people.earth official policy and is also tasked with maintaining the platform's online netiquette as well.

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